Player Complaint – 1bet closed my account and made my funds disappear

Yesterday I tried to access my account at 1bet and I couldn’t log in. So I tried the forgot my password option, but my mailaddress wasn’t recognised. So I contacted them and they say that my account was closed to inactivity. To add to that the remaining funds, of nearly €6000, from which €5000 was my deposit, have gone up in smoke. They base their decision on rule 3.16 of their terms and conditions which states:

3.16. The customer holds the responsibility to actively maintain their own account. Should an account be inactive for 6 consecutive months or longer, 1BET reserves all rights to terminate the customer's account and therefore; all outstanding balances are forfeited.

Apart from the fact that this rule seems rather harsh I am rather sure I have logged in to my account on October 27 2018 to check my balance for my taxes, which I update twice a year. So I thought the confusion may have been that I did not actually place a bet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They simply dispute the fact that I logged in (through a VPN, see below*) and say I have last logged in on March 19 last year (a year ago tomorrow).

Now I am in a status quo with them as they keep referring to rule 3.16 of their terms and conditions and keep saying that I last logged in on March 19 2018.

*I would like to add that in September 2017 1bet changed in their terms and conditions that people from The Netherlands cannot access their website at all (rule 2.2 in the terms and conditions). If I go to I simply get an error message which corresponds with what they say in their terms and conditions.

Before they changed this I regularly played at 1bet. They say they informed all players from The Netherlands of that decision including me, but they never did. I myself contacted customer service and asked about it. First they stated I could use a different IP address to access the website. In reply I asked if I could still use their services, and they replied to that saying 1bet services are available to customers not logging in from the Netherlands. So either I could not use their services anymore (in which case they should have acted and closed my account and returned my funds) or they were actively encouraging me to break their own terms by continue accessing their services in an alternative way.

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